Captiva Island

The Christmas after my grandmother passed, my immediate family decided to skip the normal routine and head to Sanibel Island instead. Nana lived with us so our bond with her was borderline parental. It is hard to describe such deep love in words, I'll leave that to the poets, but it was nice to get away that first Christmas, as the first holiday without a member of your immediate family is of course really hard. While the gaping hole left by that person never closes, it can be all you see at first without some time to help close it slightly. My parents rented a house in the middle of the island where we could see both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pine Island Sound from one spot so while the hole was still very present, at least there was something else really pretty in view at the same time.

Before I left I glued in some various papers into my sketchbook to mix it up from my normal sketches. I think I may have included some of these drawings in blog posts years past, but here they are again anyway. Here is a drawing of some siblings hanging out in the airport across from me. Definitely a brother on the right, but I'm not sure who is on the left here. I included myself, my sketchbook, and my untamed fiery hair as well.

When you open the flap I've arrived in Captiva and flopped into the TV which was kept switched off for the majority of our visit.

A flip up of the top paper on this one shows my sister Meghan reading. Also a bottle of wine is highlighted here...