My friend Elaine is beautiful and strong, so I gave her war paint.

I always feel the need to apologize for my portraits whenever I show them because of how far off they are from what the person looks like (Elaine's eyes are perfectly straight in real life etc.).  Why do I do this? I usually end my apologetic rant with something that mentions that, "if you wanted something more realistic why didn't you just take a picture?!" But the person I'm showing didn't want a picture and frankly they probably didn't even ask to see the drawing, I'm just yelling at them and they're confused and now they can't really enjoy the drawing because I've thrown all of this other stuff at them.

This is my transition into stopping that. I couldn't not say anything about it, and I do want to go on a longer rant that is half apologizing for it not looking more like Elaine and half yelling at you the reader for expecting that, but instead I'll just say what I have and move on, okay!?

Bout those curves

Bout those curves

Elaine has sat for me a couple of times and it is so wonderful because if I can have a long one on one conversation with her is time well spent.  Her and I can have long meandering playful talks and also deadly serious ones, usually both back and forth.  She likes to explore big and hypothetical ideas and we challenge each other's positions.

Several years ago Elaine was in a really bad car accident where she broke her actual fucking neck. The fact that she is here, never mind able to move around with ease, is a gift. Thank you first responders and doctors for putting this pigeon back together. The challenges that she overcame and the strength that she had through that ordeal has a physical reminder through the scar on the front of her neck. In addition to this scar frankly just being completely badass, it reminds me to be thankful for her whenever we hang out.  The above drawings don't have the scar, I don't know if was covered by her sweater in the first one or if it seemed too personal a thing while drawing them to include, but it did end up almost accidentally when I made a painting of her over an old landscape painting (turned sideways first) of an abstracted geyser landscape. It is a pretty big painting but I can't find it at the moment. I need to get on that.

Also, Elaine stays very well hydrated at all times. Here is her water bottle that probably holds 2 litters.