Colorful Girlfriends

Here are some sketches I made of my girlfriends! I dug into some pastels and charcoal to work in with my normal pen and marker sketching style. 

I have such a solid girl gang and it is so wonderful.  I've managed to surround myself  with strong and positive ladies who build each other up whenever possible. Our love is right up on top, always. There are no biting undercutting jokes which are, "intended with love," or some other excuse people use to be hurtful to one another. I mean, my girls are hilarious and we can all make amazingly cruel jokes as needed, but never at another person's expense. Girl power is real you guys and I have a tattoo that proves it. The tattoo is of sparkly, colorful gemstones and matches with one of my love's. We're happy to accept more people into our gemstone gang if you're interested in getting some colorful ink in support of positive lady vibes with us.

Peace, Aloe Plant. 

Peace, Aloe Plant.