Business Shmisness

I really want to be my own boss someday.  I want to make things or provide a service that people need or want.

Here are a couple of businesses that inspire me:

Queen Bee Honey

Stephanie and Paul over at Queen Bee Honey have a bunch hives on the South Shore.  They make treats like granola and baklava, beeswax candles, soaps, lotions and salt scrubs and even insect repellant all out of the wax and honey their bees make.

Queen Bee Honey is based out of Pembroke, MA and their products can be found at many local farmer's markets and other places like Plimouth Plantation and stores such as Local Pottery in Pembroke.

Stephanie and Paul's business has been featured several times in South Shore Living magazine.

A Little Artsy

I recently found the business A Little Artsy out of Dallas, TX through their blog.  This place seems pretty on point for a dream business for me.

Casey and Chris Wiegand, a husband and wife team, own and operate an art studio for people of all ages and abilities.  They aim to focus people on the process of art making and not the end resulting product.  A Little Artsy has been open for five years now and has several employees.  

Parrott Design Studio

Sarah Parrott Bianculli is the heart of Parrott Design Studio.  Starting in 2007 with a Gocco, the studio has grown to include a focus on the art of Letterpress.  

Sarah is based out of Providence and has a couple of grandma presses keeping her studio running dating back to 1898 and 1901.  While wedding invitations seem to the the bread and butter over at the Parrott studio, there is a wide range of products from business cards to thank you's.

Sarah's studio has been featured by Martha Stewart!

Local Pottery

Lisa Howard opened Local Pottery almost 13 years ago.  She is a large contributor to the ceramic work in the shop/studio but has a group of regulars who's work she displays.  Local Pottery showcases one of a kind jewelry (you can sometimes find Stephanie from Queen Bee Honey's work there) and kitchen utensils.   

Interested in learning the art of pottery?  Lisa Howard is also offering a range of classes from independent studies, for those ready with ideas and a little experience to get to work on their projects, to  classes for children and a range of levels for adults.