Looking At, Listening to


Carolina Fontoura Alzaga makes amazing chandeliers out of recycled bicycle parts.  She also seems like a very cool lady so watch the video below where she talks about her work.


This place rules.  Lost Type Co-op is a spot where a bunch of designers post their new font designs.  They are available for purchase for whatever you feel like paying, including zero doll hairs.  I've been paying a lot of attention to hand painted signs lately which makes me think about the wonderful wonderful Margaret Kilgallen.


I'm ALWAYS looking at Margaret Kilgallen.  God, I love her.


This lady Nova has a blog called Glitter and Doom where she documents life which includes her awesome job working in a tattoo parlor.


Just google Little Planets and you'll get a lot of cool pictures like this.  I'm not sure where I found out about these, I think Nova's blog?  It's a photo trick that involves panoramic views.


Good music.  This song has a really great change in the middle.  This video has really great fast walking and guns.