Landscapes in Summer

Spring is in ten days, but it is still Winter so let's spend some time thinking about SUMMER! I love Summer. I love hot weather and while a little bit of Winter is okay, I would really be much happier living out my days in a linen sundress and a floppy hat.

Last Summer I spent sometime on Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, New Hampshire with family.  This is the view from my Aunt and Uncle's deck, over a bay, past some houses, over some trees, and to the mountains. Right now I would not like to go for a dip there but the day that I drew this was spent hanging in a hammock and swimming.  In the early 90's this whole side of the family got together for a week each year and spent time on Sebago Lake in Maine. Spending time here in New Hampshire with so many of the same faces brings back the warmth from those childhood Summers and gets me excited for all of the memories (and drawings!) that are to come.

I omitted the passing storm clouds while making this drawing of the bay of Cooper Island, BVI while on vacation with Jeff's side of the family last July.  The one rainy day we had there still involved us swimming and spending time on the beach so I'd call that a pretty solid rain day.  A couple of times things cleared up enough where we thought we could sail to the next island and would quickly start rolling up the rain covers, but then another storm would come passing through.  Tropical weather is not one that I have a good feel for.  New England weather is all over the place and having always lived here we all have such an intuitive sense for it, I was refreshed at there being a learning curve of learning a new climate.