Mom's Plants

My mom keeps beautiful gardens. She works long hours all week as a Nurse Navigator at an Oncology Center and if she isn't doing that she is either quilting or gardening depending on the season. She is a busy bee and while I don't think I can hold a candle to that flame of hers, I like to think that I follow in her footsteps at least a little bit with my productivity levels.

Now that I've just written that I'm having a moment of self realization that I'm currently writing this post 22 days prior to it being published so maybe I'm onto something here haha.

The New Guinea Impatiens are annuals and are put in under my favorite tree in the yard each year.  One year my Dad had to cut a significant portion of the tree off to, "save," it, and yes it still lives but it was the part that made it so awesome! The top curved over and pointed back down to the ground. This isn't some whimpy tree that was dying either, this tree was a partner to our back porch in holding up the clothes line. It is a strong and wonderful tree. I need to figure out what type of tree that thing is.

Back to the smaller plant under the tree. It used to be some other type of Impatiens but they got some type of disease so now everyone has switched over to the New Guineas? Mom, help me out here. One year my sister Meghan planted them all for her as a gift or because Mom was going to be away, I'm not sure (Meg, help me out here), the point is that this is an established spot in the yard for where this type of flower goes. There are many parts of the yard that have become mapped out over the years but this must be one of the first beds that went in. 

Bleeding Hearts have also been a standard in the garden but are not limited to one spot or variety.  This flower is a perennial so it comes back each year bigger and more wonderful.  We split this one and put it in my yard so I have a baby of this little guy living over at my place.  That has been such a great way to build my baby gardens, taking bits and pieces of plants from the gardens that surrounded me as I grew up.

Before I became one with the pottery studio I enjoyed gardening and began mapping out a plan for my yard. Luckily most of that plan consisted of perennials so they'll come back despite my neglect, but I'm really going to need my car to break down or something to keep me off the wheel and in the dirt at home this Summer. Sorry plants! I love you, please stay alive anyway!