Still Life and Weird Cat

If I weren't writing this right now I might be drawing the keyboard or shelf in front of me. These things aren't very interesting to look at, but to be able to accurately capture their angles and proportions correctly is a challenge better than staring off into space or into the depths of social media while I wait for Jeff to get out of the shower so we can go and get Mexican food. mmmm Mexican food....

Anyway, here are a couple of drawings done while I was hanging out waiting for the next thing to happen. This first one is of an Ikea lamp that we had in our old apartment which sat on a stool in the corner of our living room.  Not super exciting by any means, but those lines look like they were fun to draw. I remember that marker I used for the background, I had a bunch like that and carried them in my purse with an elastic around them.  I think this link might be to the exact marker. These markers had a brush tip so you could get a wide variety of a line and they were filled with India Ink.  I might have one or two still kicking around in my marker collection but I began transitioning over to Prismacolor markers (still choosing brush tips) when I was using them on canvas board.

The below drawing was a quick one of some flowers I had from Trader Joe's in front of a rectangular fruit dish that I made while in a ceramics class at Massasoit. The dish was rectangular with wavey edges and I had pressed in a piece of lace before shaping it for texture. It had a forest green glaze on the top and below it had more of a teal color. It wasn't my finest piece ever and it eventually had a corner cracked off. It must have been 10 years ago that I made it and I actually just threw it away about a week and a half ago. 

The main flower in the bouquet is a Protea. Do you know what those are? They're so wonderful. Here is a link to a Google Image Search of them, just look, they're awesome.

And here is the weird cat drawing. My friend Kevin asked me to draw this, I think he wanted to start a comic strip about it, correct me if I'm wrong here Kevin. I don't remember the plot, but it involved a tumor. 

The bottom section of the weird cat drawing is from when I was hanging out with some friends just sitting around. I need to get back into that habit. Really the habit just takes on its own thing if I have a sketchbook with me. My current sketchbook is pretty big though so I just need to get another little travel one.